AMBA AHB AXI Interview Questions

AHB Interview Questions

  1. How AHB is pipelined architecture?
  2. What is the size of the max data that can be transferred in a single transfer?
  3. Explain the 1k boundary concept in AHB?
  4. Okay, response is a single cycle? but error/split/retry is two cycles, why?
  5. Explain the concept of a two-cycle response?
  6. What if the slave gets the address out of range?
  7. How to connect multiple slaves to a single master?
  8. Explain the round robin arbitration concept?
  9. Explain the split-retry concept?
  10. What is the difference between HREADY and HREADY_OUT signals?
  11. What is the slave response for a BUSY transfer?
  12. What is the difference between WRAP4 and INCR4?
  13. How to terminate the INCR type transfer?
  14. What is the difference between BURST and Beat?
  15. How to calculate the size of the burst?
  16. Is HREADY is Input or output to/from the slave?
  17. What is the aligned and un-align concept?
  18. Explain wrapping calculation?
  19. Is early burst termination is done by Slave/Arbiter?
  20. Explain the LOCKED transfer?
  21. What is the default Master?
  22. What is a little-endian and big-endian?
  23. How the slave will detect the end of INCR type burst transfer?

AXI Interview Questions

  1. How AXI is different from AHB?
  2. Explain the concept of the AXI 4KB boundary condition?
  3. Explain the valid ready handshake in AXI?
  4. Explain the channel concept?
  5. Explain the out-of-order concept?
  6. What is the fixed burst type?
  7. Explain the AXI response types?

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