UVM tb top

UVM tb architecture

TestBench top is the module, it connects the DUT and Verification environment components.

Typical Testbench_top contains,

  • DUT instance
  • interface instance
  • run_test() method
  • virtual interface set config_db
  • clock and reset generation logic
  • wave dump logic
uvm tb top
uvm tb top
module tbench_top;
  //clock and reset signal declaration
  bit clk;
  bit reset;
  //clock generation
  always #5 clk = ~clk;
  //reset Generation
  initial begin
    reset = 1;
    #5 reset =0;
  //creatinng instance of interface, inorder to connect DUT and testcase
  mem_if intf(clk,reset);
  //DUT instance, interface signals are connected to the DUT ports
  memory DUT (
  //enabling the wave dump
  initial begin 
    uvm_config_db#(virtual mem_if)::set(uvm_root::get(),"*","mem_intf",intf);
    $dumpfile("dump.vcd"); $dumpvars;
  initial begin 

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