UVM RAL Adapter

UVM Register Model Adapter

With the UVM Register model, we do design register access, i.e WRITE to the design register or READ from the design register by calling RAL methods. Finally, these transactions have to be placed to design bus, this will be done by RAL component Adapter.

The RAL adapter acts as a converter between the RAL model and Interface. It converts transactions of RAL methods to Interface/Bus transactions.

  • The Adapter converts between register model read, write methods and the interface-specific transactions
  • The transaction adapter is implemented by extending the uvm_reg_adapter class and implementing the reg2bus() and bus2reg() methods

UVM RAL reg2bus

  • reg2bus method converts the RAL transactions to Interface (bus) transactions

UVM RAL bus2reg

  • bus2reg method converts the Interface (bus) transactions to RAL transactions
class tb_env extends uvm_env;
  reg_model                     regmodel;
  uvm_reg_predictor#(ahb_trans) ahb2reg_predictor;
  reg2ahb_adapter               reg_adapter;
  ahb_agent                     ahb;

  virtual function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
    ahb2reg_predictor = new(“ahb2reg_predictor”, this);

  virtual function void connect_phase(uvm_phase phase);
    if (regmodel.get_parent() == null) begin
      reg_adapter = reg2ahb_adapter::type_id::create(“reg_adapter”,,get_full_name());
      ahb2reg_predictor.map     = regmodel.AHB;
      ahb2reg_predictor.adapter = reg_adapter;

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