TLM Port

  • The TLM Port is used to send the transactions
  • TLM Ports has unidirectional and bidirectional ports
  • A port can be connected to any compatible port, export, or imp port

TLM Port Classes

uvm_*_port #(T)          //unidirectional port class
uvm_*_port #(REQ,RSP) //bidirectional port class

Type parameters,

  • T       – The type of transaction to be communicated by the port, type T is not restricted to class handles and may be a value type such as int, enum, struct or similar
  • REQ – The type of request transaction to be communicated by the port
  • RSP  – The type of response transaction to be communicated by the port

Port Methods


This is a constructor method used for the creation of TLM Port.

function new (string name,
              uvm_component parent,
              int min_size=1,
              int max_size=1);

The name and parent are the standard uvm_component constructor arguments.

Summary of TLM Ports

TLM Ports
TLM Ports

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